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Things I Would Like to See

Started by TomasL, January 13, 2011, 01:09:58 AM

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Haven't installed 2k10, so it might already be there.
Anyway things I like to see.

Multiple textblocks in a shape.
Cells that contains the name of the connected shape, both in connectors and shapes. (makes it easier to link data between shapes without using VBA etc)
Support for 3-D (such as 3D-Connexion) mices, perfect for scrolling and zooming.
Possibility to have multiple pages of the same file open at the same time, on different screens
One thing that annoys me in 2K7 is that when one opens the shape-sheet the drawing window is re-sized.
Possibility to "write"-protect shapes and stencils, i.e. the end-user should not be able to edit a shape or a stencil.
When Visio "Autosaves" current operation is terminated, very annoying.
Possibility to do a full Auto-Backup instead of the current auto-save of recovery information.
Automatic Version-handling of shapes.
Better text-block handling, when rotating and flipping.
Possibility to Adjust a whole Geometry-section when flipping and rotating.
Some sort of "recovery"-tool
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