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Started by Impyman18, December 30, 2010, 07:16:12 PM

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I'm brand new here but please don't think I've not searched the web for hrs trying to solve this problem. I just need a bit of help in right direction.

I have a floor plan with all of our workstations and network assets graphed in Visio 07. I'm looking to add workstation information (serial numbers, IP, MAC, etc) that has been populated into an excel spreadsheet. 

I'd like to have the information pop up within Visio once the shape is clicked. I've added shape labels but they stay static and the diagram becomes way too cluttered.

Thanks for the help!



hi Rick,
we could help with a double-click-feature, or you could chose to read the data in the custom properties window, but a single click? Maybe with windows events.


If you can accept "hovering" over the shape, you could use the comment property.

In the shapesheet, miscellaneous section, comment cell, you could enter the desired fields, e.g., NAME()&CHAR(10)&"Wid= "&Width&CHAR(10)&"Ht ="&Height

Hovering the mouse over the shape will pop up a comment which, in this example, shows the shape name on the 1st line, width on 2nd, and height on 3rd.  The comment only remains as long as the mouse is over the shape.  Entering the desired fields must be done manually.  Comment fcn is only good as a visual clue.

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