Update item after master change

Started by Jarrod, October 29, 2010, 01:00:12 PM

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Is it possible to update an item on a page, to match changes made in the master in the stencil?

Even better, can this be done automatically (i.e. change all items whose master I just edited to have the changes)?


Usually, the updated master on the stencil doesn't update the placed shapes on the drawing because Visio has an intermediate step that copies the master to the "document stencil".  So, you really need an additional step, namely, find the desired master on the document stencil and edit it.  That will update all placements of that master.  Sometimes there may be more than one copy on the document stencil.  You can delete all that are not used.  Visio will ask if you try to delete a used master.

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