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Demo using Visio to interface with remote devices

Started by aledlund, July 13, 2010, 06:11:41 PM

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This vs2010 project demonstrates a number of concepts that can be used in developing applications in support of Visio network diagrams. In this project we will use tcpip flows (icmp, snmp, microsoft wmi, ssh, rdp) to interface with network attached devices.

A video overview of this project can be found over here.

This project was constructed using

•   MS Visual Studio 2010 Professional (released)

•   MS Office Visio 2010 Professional (rtm x86)

•   Enterprise Library 5.0 released

It's interesting to watch the professionaly developed demonstrations of Visio when they illustrate that the shapes can be used to show network status. Unfortunately most of us are not in the position of being able to go to the boss and ask them to ante up the cost of a server and software to do the network connectivity. This project demonstrates some of the flows that might be needed if we wanted to do an RYO version of those projects. This is a implemetation of some of the VBA code posted elsewhere in the forum.

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