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Started by petroleumj, June 24, 2008, 09:49:23 PM

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Is there a way to have your foreground resize itself if you switch from a 8.5x11 background to a 11x17 sized one?

I have a title block that needs to change layout between letter and tabloid sized paper.  SO I have two backgrounds.  ON my foreground, if I switch the background, the title block changes, but the drawing area stays the same.  The paper size also remains unchanged.


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Hmmm, I've always set the backgrounds up so that they resized with the foregrounds...
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You could do something like this in the shapesheet of your background:


That way it will resize the BACKGROUND to match the width of the active foregrounds width.
I don't see a reason to make it work the other way around, your main and thus leading page should be the foreground.
That means that the background should respond to settings users make to the foreground.
At least thats what I think, if you still feel you need to control it the other way around I'm interested whats your using it for.

- Lars


That only works if every page uses the same size background, right?  If I have 3 foregrounds, each is a different size, and they all use the same background, which foreground does the background get its size from?


The one its attached to ( The one currently showing )
ThePage gets the active page !Width will get that width.
So that code in the width of your background shapesheet will make your background resize to always match the active foreground page.