"Layer properties" (user-interface) with AND- function

Started by hidden layer, December 09, 2023, 05:05:46 PM

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hidden layer

working with Vectorworks (as a 3D-modelling tool) I have the option to allocate objects to Classes AND Layers. Only if both of them are activated the object shows up.
In Visio I can do this as well but they're linked with an OR- function. Everybody knows.

I had a task to highlight some objects with the very same description in different modules. And the modules are separated to different locations... hard to find something.
Here's what I found out to work. It's just an example.
The layers are accessible by the user but they don't contain any of the highlighting-shapes. They are just used as user-interface. And the user interface is not filled with hundreths of items...
The allocation of the highlighting-shapes to the "layers" is done by DATA.

Maybe this has been discovered before but I couldn't find it. So I had a funny afternoon while its raining and thawing here.

Of course it's more bulky than the "find" function but whatever.

Have fun