Visio Stencil Library Management

Started by manifold1978, November 04, 2023, 03:10:18 PM

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Does anyone have any good ways of centrally managing Visio stencil libraries for multiple users?
Ideal thing would be if Stencils could be stored somewhere centrally or cloud based, with read only access for all but a library manager.

Is this possible, or any good workarounds if not?



May be these tools can help you...
Quote from: Paul Herber on March 31, 2022, 08:48:42 AM

No installer required, just run the .exe file with Visio open, create catalogs of all your own and the built-in Visio stencils.
Quote from: Paul Herber on March 15, 2022, 07:27:22 PM

No installer required, just run the .exe file after opening a Visio document, easy access to your own and the built-in stencils.


I've never really used this myself (as I'm not basically working in a large organization),
but I believe you can go with administrative settings (GPO policies) to manage stencil location for your users.

The workflow:
- The administrator defines a group of users who need to have these stencils
- He creates a shared folder in your organization, and puts the stencils there (can be with read-only access)
- He uses the GPO policy settings for the group created at the first step to apply the folder location to user computers (so that Visio's "Stencil" location on user computers is pointing to the folder above).

Of course, you can always just set the "Stencils" location manually in Visio settings, but that would require you to go to each user, or explain him/her how to do it.
Just to be on the same page, I mean setting this field:

If you use SharePoint, you can consider storing your template/stencil pair there.
Here is my setup (from 10 years ago), but looks like it can be still somewhat useful: