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New Visio Web Tool - split pages

Started by Nikolay, October 21, 2023, 03:25:58 PM

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Today was answering a question on stackoverflow, and I thought it could be not that complicated to build such a thing actually.
There are already tools like this (including the Super Utilities of course), but they require desktop Visio to function.

So the family of the Visio Web Tools just got a new member – the Split Pages tool.
It allows you to split the Visio document into a set of one-page documents. In the browser.
The tool takes care of keeping the background for the pages where it was used, and includes only used images or media files to the corresponding page.

The tool is open source, like the rest of the Visio Web Tools. Feedback and issues are welcome on GitHub:

No Visio required. This is sort of a new challenge for me :)
It actually parses Visio VSDX format, removes the pages, and the media.
The next step is - offline (without Internet), in a browser (using webassembly).


Implemented the web assembly version!!!!

The files are now processed directly in the browser on your local computer, without ever being sent anywhere!
The new .NET 7 compilation to web assembly allows you to use OpenXml library directly in the browser.

After opening the page, you can even turn off the network connection, and the file will still be processed  8)
No server code, absolutely.

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