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Stick People

Started by restewartjr, October 13, 2023, 05:46:28 PM

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These graphics were created for people who did not want to have their image as a Windows login, but objected to the generic MS Windows "Stick Man" or simple person-looking-ish graphic.  My feelings can't be hurt. No pride of artistry here; If you don't like it, don't use it.  If you want, use what ever you want.  At the request of some friends, there are some Scouting graphics.

Paul Herber

Might you be able to upload the stencil to this site (in the section "Attachments and other options" below the message area) rather than
use Bitly. Thanks,
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The zipped file is above the 500K limit.  If there is another way to do it, please let me know.  I'll be glad to upload it.

Paul Herber

Ah, 1.3MB, yes, over the 500k limit. Hmmm. But it is a security risk as that Bitly link
could be changed to point to some other file in the future. I'm not suggesting you
would do that but someone else in the future ...

Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -



Reminds me of times long ago when Visio Guy made some fun people, and subsequently, I shamelessly embellished.  See theses:

VG: Free Visio People Shapes:
Fun Faces:
Visio People Do Nativity:
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Hi, Paul.
I was able to split them up into nine ZIP files.  On my end, it's possible to upload 3 ZIP files at a time that together are less than 500K.
Is it permitted for me to upload 3 files at a time in a post, then 3 more in another post, and a third one?  In other words, each post would have an upload of less than 500K.  Or, is the total upload in a topic limited to 500K, regardless?


You ought to be able to upload using multiple replies. 
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Paul Herber

Yes, that's fine. I think the 500k limit came from years ago when 500k was a large file. 5M might be a more suitable limit these days.
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


Here is a ZIPx file that contains most of the images and resize to 640x480.   If someone is interested in a larger version of something, they can contact me via the forum here.

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