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Images/Shapes Disappearing?

Started by miles2t17, May 28, 2008, 06:48:49 PM

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I've got an interesting issue going on and Google doesn't seem to be turning up much for me. I'm running Visio 2007 SP1 on Win Vista Ultimate SP1. I downloaded HP's shapes for their servers so I can diagram my server racks. I also made a couple of my own images (just some jpgs) for devices I couldn't find shapes for. For some reason several, but not all, of the shapes keep "disappearing" even though the shape is actually still there. If I mouse over the empty space, the cursor changes and I can click and the shape reappears, but as soon as I scroll, zoom, or save, they disappear again. This is quite aggravating. I've tried opening the document on an XP machine and got the same symptoms.



Visio Guy

Hi Miles,

Just a quick shot from the hip - are you working in a scaled drawing? I can imagine some weirdness if you use scaled rack shapes in a non-scaled drawing.

If you make a very simple case - maybe a Visio drawing with one problematic shape, you can post it here and the readers can have a look to see if it is a system problem or a consistent problem with Visio.
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I figured it out. In trying to create a small drawing to post here and trying to duplicate the problem I found that one of the HP shapes seemed to be interfering with the display of all the others. Once I removed it from the example and my main drawing, everything seems to work fine.

Thanks for suggesting the sample file...probably wouldn't have found this out if I hadn't tried to create it.

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