Containers and Connectors

Started by celoranta, September 16, 2023, 01:24:25 AM

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Hi All.  Been a while!

I'm using containers to set up some shared values between contained shapes. 
Unfortunately, with the User.msvStructureType="Container" I lose the ability to block connectors.  (Connectors don't route around containers.)
Is there any way to toggle this back on for a container?  The options are grayed out within Developer>Placement
(Yes, I do understand why containers are typically invisible to connectors, but I don't understand why this would be implemented in a way that doesn't allow it to be toggled...)
I could forego the use of containers, but relationships between group members break so much more easily...


That's the way it is.  It was intentionally done that way.

A theoretical workaround...
Add a "ghost" shape such that:  (ghost because it is hidden behind container)
  1) its PinX and PinY = the container's PinX and PinY.  This causes the shape to track with the container. 
  2) set width, height = to container width, height => size matching.
  3) Z-order:  put this shape behind the container => This maintains normal container / member relationships.

Connectors will route around the shape, thus routing around the container.
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