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New font coming to Office, also a new option in Visio

Started by Visisthebest, August 15, 2023, 10:41:16 AM

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We will get a new Font option in Visio when this upcoming Office update installs the new Aptos font:

I wonder how it will look in diagrams, even if it brings just a small enhancement to the look of a diagram happy to get a new font.
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So... OK.  I never liked Calibre, so any change may be better.  Wonder how numbers will be rendered.  My personal favorite is Comic Sans.  I just like the flow and softness to it.
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I admire your courage.

It reminds me somehow of my son, when he wanted to dye his hair purple.

Comic Sans: Is It Really That Bad? | The Paper Blog



The Comic Sans reminds me of the ole Leroy Letter system.  Similar fonts (as I recall).  Very fond memories.  If it were so awful, I doubt it would've become so popular.  It is my go to "core" font, but certainly not exclusive.
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