Best way to embed Visio in Word?

Started by Dan, September 12, 2008, 12:59:23 PM

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As the title says, I want to know what is the best way to embed (paste, copy, etc...) Visio into Word.

My main issue is modifying the shape in Word and not having these changes replicated on the original file - is this possible?

Right now, I'm doing (from Visio) Select All > Copy, (from Word) Paste Special > Visio Document.


That's my preferred way.  That way, when you double click the figure in Word, it opens a separate Visio session without touching the original.   :)
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that is how I do it.   It has worked for me for many years!!!

About the only thing I would like better would be for an option (tools settings) to have new drawings in a word doc actually launch visio as the tool to make the drawing vs the current drawing toolset.


Visio 2016, Word 2016. Yesterday I had the option to paste a "Select All, Copy" into my word doc as a pic. Today there's only one paste option in Word. 

Asking VISIO because the pasted drawing has a gray background that has "clear" boxes around connector label (text boxes). I liked the full transparency I found yesterday (and ONLY yesterday)--what is the strange condition that causes this? In Print Preview (Word) the gray background is not there,


I paste as png or jpg or device independent bit map...seems to work reliably

2003 you could embed visio objects natively...but that went away before 2010