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Modifying Junichi Yoda's Calculator

Started by coryryder, September 13, 2018, 05:08:18 PM

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So I've been playing with this calculator...
I have an ongoing topic of what Im trying to do here

For those not familiar with the stencils I'm referring to


There's one thing that i'm trying to figure out if it's possible;

The Connector has 1 Value in the "Shape Data" "Value"

And the shapes that do calculations refer to that value in Prop.Row_1 via connector inputs

I know zero VBA and/Macros so I'll need help on this..

Is there a way to show 2 values simultaneously have the shapes calculate those and show on the next connector in line

My attempt was to insert row add Prop.Row_3 and I can show both values but they are smooched together ive tried Prop.Row_1&" "&Prop.Row_3 to give it space but then it shows nothing I would like it to look like "100/200" not 100200

Also it only calculated the 100 not the 200 as well

The VBA code refers to only Prop.Row_1 and I'm willing to get suggestions on how to add a second value to calculate

For those curious my goal is to do this automatically. Set values of amp and auto calculate down the chain to the hub showing end result in loss



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