Can't enter particular wall length

Started by snowizard, August 27, 2016, 10:35:07 PM

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wapperdude, thanks for the help and suggestions.

Yacine, that was indeed the number with the problem for me.  Thanks for trying!

I'm going to experiment with setting scale first, and re-install if necessary, per suggestions from wapperdude.


@ Yacine:  a little more FYI info, which I didn't include with my last reply:  for the shape supplied, it misbehaves for that specific entry value.  Any other value I tried, larger or smaller, were fine.  I did include units with my entries.  Neither 85.5 ft nor 85 ft 6 in would work.  But, if you open the shapesheet and enter the number + units directly into the shapedata value cell, that would work.  Any other wall shape that I would drag n drop from the stencil behaved normally.  A very strange problem! 
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