Visio Users Introduce Yourselves!

Started by davidoff, January 11, 2009, 07:27:23 PM

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Paul Herber

Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


Howzaaaat ! Paul  :)

I prefer it when they loose


attached example of my visio output .. GPS data converted to a horizonal rotatable 3D slab  all the controls on the custom toolbar to pan, zoom and rotate a GPS plot.


splash page of NetworkMap. the "Rat" with the auger is the nose art of this Visio app. yes "NetworkRat" is animated on a dble click. clients drill into a state wide network via the Visio interface... static pages display physical connectivity of the telco archectecture...clients trigger macros to discover logical connections and trace paths through broad band transmission network.. on the fly drawings can be activated via active X interfaces in the Visio interface....the system communicates with a state wide transmission network comprising of over 650 nodes .. downloads real network data to detect moves and changes from previous audit.. data coverage can determine how many fibres in any cable ... how many wavelengths on any fibre .. how many bitstreams on any wavelength... bitstream archectecture covers STM-16  down to 64 kb ( voice traffic)



Hi there, My name is Jerald, and I am doing some diagramming for my employer on a contract basis.  I am new to visio as a user, but was aware of what it was and what it can do.  Very cool application!  I look forward to helping those I can, but more likely will thank those that can help me!

Cheers, Jerald!


HI Y'all From Texas!

Actually I'm from Phoenix (I'm in Texas right now and missing the western us quite a bit!), and not to long ago I would have hated that greeting, but hearing it daily here in Texas it gets to you!  Anyway, I noticed there are a lot of great people here, a huge bank of experience, and everyone seems very respectful, intelligent, understanding and helpful.  As I read through the evolution of these blogs, I see many people here who've devoted a great deal of time to master this program, and contribute to its success.  It may take months to read through the wondrous knowledge base here, so if I ask a question that may have been answered, I apologize in advance, and will gladly follow a link to where a subject may have been answered.

To the great many contributors here, I give a sincere "Thank You!"

Jay Campbell

"Please call me Jay"

My experience with Visio is limited, but expanding daily.
I have 15 years of Architecture and Design Experience.
Two Years of Programming Experience
If I may help with anything, I'd be glad to try.


I'm a P3M specialist in Warwickshire in England, though I have Welsh roots.

For many years I worked in the automotive industry in CAD design using Catia and CADDS, so visio is familiar on the 2D side.  About 15 years ago I took on a lot of the IT side of the business and these days I do project management and related techniques in all kinds of industries.

I like visio as a diagram tool and I'm trying to encourage others to use it.  At present I'm making a few drawings and templates for project management information.  I've been a reader of this site for a few years and I thought it was time to join and get involved. At the moment my visio skills make mostly questions but I'm keen to help where I can.


Hi, Im Shaun from Swindon in the UK.

I've just started a new role designing Military/Areospace harness systems using a specially developed Visio add-on called Harnware.

I look forward to speaking to some of you soon...

Shaun  8)


Hi folks,

Ryan here from Saratoga Springs, NY. 

I am pretty new to Visio and am using it to do layouts and ground plans for the convention center here in town.  My background is in theatrical production management and events management in NYC.

Glad to see that a sight like this exists.


Gregory Jackson

Hello All ..

Gregory Jackson (rabalam):

Seattle Washington (Emerald City)

I've been using Visio for several years I love the program. I am a Sr. Network Engineer been doing that for about 16 years now. I am often the go to person in Visio. I am still learning sooo much though. I just joined this site a few weeks ago but I have been  a Visguy follower for years now and he's one of the best resources if not the best resource  for Visio help, tips and tricks.


Visio Guy

Yay, the great Pacific Northwest, birthplace of Visio. (Visio Guy is from there too, by the way :) )
For articles, tips and free content, see the Visio Guy Website at
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Gregory Jackson

Might have to find him take him to lunch .. the least I can do...



Good Day all!

Mike from San Antonio, TX here!

Tech Writer/Documentation Engineer that spends most of my time building Marketecture documents for Director/Executive level audiences.

Billy the priest

hi, im bill,
i am new to this but find it a great program to work with, not as difficult as autocad but a very usefull program.

im from the netherlands but im scots (just live and work here for last 15 years).
i specialise in security systems, private protection and survelliance systems,
if you want to ask or know anything your welcome ;D
i also work as a tattoo artist part time and weekends..
and ....euro's......terrible currency...!!!