Off-Page and Related Incoming Reference Icon Auto-Duplicate Text in the Other

Started by KMorris, September 24, 2014, 12:38:13 PM

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I have a client who has experienced the problem of  having 3 out of 5 off-page reference icons (all lined up on the first page to send flow to 5 different aspects of the process) dis play the odd behaviour of the text written in the off-page reference icon being duplicated in the Incoming reference icon to which it directs the flow.  Myt client is very confused, as she set the hyperlinks in the first two off-page reference cons precisely as she did the final 3, and she did not encounter this problem.  Can anyone please suggest what is causing this, and how it might be turned off?  Right now, if the client writes "From" in the Incoming reference icon, the word "From appears in the Off-page reference icon it is linked to.  Thanks,

Paul Herber

When the off-page reference shape is added to a page it brings up a dialog box, one of the options is "Keep shape text synchronized".
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