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Editing a master document stencil corrupts where it is being used

Started by lloydburton619, October 17, 2014, 12:09:45 PM

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I have a document with lots of stencils to make it easier since lots of the pages are similar. In all my other documents it all works fine, if I edit the master, it updates everywhere it's being used, but in this one document (the most important and largest document I have...) if I edit the master all of the places it is being used become... malformed?

i.e. if I create a stencil of just a shape and them put that into a few pages, I then go to edit the master, move the shape an inch to the left etc., everywhere it is used it moves it completely different and stretches it so that it expands the page by about 100 times.

This keeps happening to all of the stencils I have used as well as new ones I create, no matter how small a change I make to the master, the result on all the pages is unworkable to say the least.

Any ideas anyone?
(Over 200 pages so please don't say to copy to a new document and try there).

Thank you!

(Note: it seems to only be in the 'Macro-Enabled' .vsdm file type. Saving it as the usual 2003-2010 Drawing makes new ones I create work fine, however it freezes a lot as that file type.)

Paul Herber

I'll take a guess that the shape you are editing contains a formula that relates to the page in some way. A master shape might contain a formula that relates its size to the page (a master shape has its own page) then when that master propagates into the drawing the shapes expand to suit the page size. Visio 2010/2013 have a wonderful (irony detector on please) feature of expanding the page to suit the shapes on the page, so then the shapes expand again. You get the picture ...
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