Container resizes itself wildly when adding shapes with custom data graphic

Started by jcpr, August 13, 2014, 03:35:37 PM

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Hi all,

My second post here and it's about an issue, that I believe has more to do with my lack of experience than with the product.

So, I'm trying to build a custom stencil and basic document to handle some of my diagrams.

One of the shapes has a custom data graphics icon set, which I build using the instructions in:

I'm using Visio 2010.

The thing is, if I draw a basic rectangle and add it to a container, no problem, the container resizes if needed, without an issue.

I f I remove the rectangle from the container,  then add a data graphic to that same rectangle and try to add it again to the same container, the container increases immensely in size. And if I move the rectangle inside the container or if I try to resize the container, it just keeps increasing and increasing in size, without control.

Any idea on what is happening and how can I correct it?


P.S: you can get the file from here:



Setting the

User.msvSDContainerResize   Automatic resize behavior for shape (0 = No automatic resize; 1 = Expand as needed; 2 = Always fit to contents)

to 1 or 2 produces the same effect. The container expands enormously. If I use 0, it stays the same size, of course.