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Started by Regan, May 07, 2013, 09:25:51 PM

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I'm trying to convert a dwg that was drawn using Autocad 2002 LT and saved in Autocad 2000 format. It seems to take quite a while for the file to load during conversion. I'm using Visio 2010 Pro, BTW.

Anyway, I want to be able to edit and manipulate parts of the drawing after it is converted.  I'm having an issue in particular with the fill function.  For example, there are a few circles that I would like to fill with different solid colors. For some reason when I try to fill the circles with different colors many of them appear to only fill with a solid white instead of the color I choose. Does anyone know why that may be?  What am I doing wrong?

The pic attached shows three circles--a circle on top that was supposed to be filled in red (but appears white), a circle in the middle that is not filled, and a circle on the bottom that was filled in green.  I don't know why the one on the bottom filled like it was supposed to and the one on top did not.


may be problem with system colors.
for example system color #1 in autocad is red, but it is white in visio ?

now i haven't AutoCAD there for check my guess :(


I tried to fill it with a few different colors and it always comes out white.


there you can see basic AutoCAD system colors
for example i make this table
|AutoCAD Color(s)|Number(s)|Visio Color(s)|
|Light blue|4|blue|
|Dark blue|5|yellow|
|Black|7|light blue|

Quote from: Regan on May 08, 2013, 01:55:39 PM
I tried to fill it with a few different colors and it always comes out white.
Strange, may be there used GUARD-function on Fill-foreground cell, in section Fill Format of shapesheet. In this morning (at Moscow time) i wrote how change Line Pattern in this post, it may help...
1. open shapesheet of this shape.
2. look at section Fill Format, cell Fill-foreground. may be you can see formula - GUARD(1 or any number)
3. change this formula, type there just "1" for example.

PS in visio 2010 and may be in visio 2013 (i don't use it yet) shapesheet availible only in Developer-Mode!!!
in your PC Developer-Mode is activated ?


I turned on Developer Mode and opened the shape sheet.  In the Fill Format box, under fill foreground, THEMEGUARD(RGB(146,208,80)) is what is entered in the cell.

I found this on THEMEGUARD: