Author Topic: sub address hyperlinks to bookmarks in word doc not working , save as webpage  (Read 4060 times)

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(I have looked all over the forums and cannot find an answer I understand. Apologies and help if there is one.)

How do I get hyperlinks in Visio 2010 document saved as WebPage(VML) to go directly to bookmarked location in Word2010.doc or Word2010.html? I am running Visio 2010 Professional and have links to bookmarks in MSWord 2010. 

I am using the Visio document is a process overview and the word document is the detail document.

When I save the VisioPro2010 as a WebPage (VML in advanced window) the hyperlinks go to the top of the word document and not the bookmark.  (I followed the directions in Chris Roth's tutorial of putting the MSWord bookmark in the sub address).

Thoughts?  I have looked for related links.

The links to bookmarks DOES NOT work is Internet Explorer 8.

The links to bookmarks DO work in Google Chrome (21.0.1180.79)

I have tried saving word docs as .pdf's and using "destination" as Sub-address in Visio Hyperlinks box.