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Started by jimmyhopps, August 08, 2012, 03:46:21 PM

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First off, thanks to all the experts on this site.

i am using visio 2007 standard, and most of the below needs to be in vba.

i have an organizational chart which is a corporate entity hierarchy rather than a personnel hierarchy.  On this chart, i need to annotate certain attributes for each entity.  visually, i need to make the annotation similar to some of the call out stencils, which i have figured out.  however, the entity chart is subject to lots of movement and reorganization so i need a way to attach the annotation/call out with the entity shape itself, so that if the entity shape is moved, then the annotation shape also moves (i'd rather not use connectors in this instance). 

I know i can not group organizational shapes together.  is there another solution you recommend?

many thanks.


You could go into the ShapeSheet of such an annotaion shape. The PinX and PinY cells should contain some absolute values (the position in page coordinates). Same should be true for the entity-shapes.
Calculate the difference in the position between the annotaion shape and the entity shape (For example 20/40mm).
Now place formula in in PinX/PinY cell of the annotaion shape:


Sheet.123 is the nameID of the entity shape.

Now the Shapes move arround together, when the entity shape is moved.
Eventually it would be wise, to protect the formula with the Guard-Function.


Because above is a massive effort manually, I would create my own annotaion shape that has ShapeData OffsetX and OffsetY and when dropped on an entity shape gets a formula in PinX/PinY via VBA, like=