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Started by enlightningbug, May 07, 2008, 04:29:53 PM

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I can't find something which I imagine would be relatively simple: a rectangular shape (with text box at the bottom) to which I can apply a JPG (or other) image at will, with some auto-resize to scale function. I deal in book publishing online and this would be helpful for new covers, web screenshots, etc. I can't find this online... any ideas? Is this harder than I think?

Visio Guy

Hi Enlightningbug,

When you import an image (Insert > Image > From File...), the image IS a Visio shape, and the text is at the bottom, but as you've probably noticed, it's a brand-new shape. So if you've done any tweaking to a shape, you can't re-use this without some work.

The built-in Visio Org-chart solution allows you to insert pictures into each position-shape. You might be able to utilize that to some extent.

To do this with your own shapes, however, would require a bit of code.

It's something I'd like to publish in a utility packet one of these days...but I wouldn't be surprised if someone else offers some sort of tool already. Check out the Visio Guy Visio-links page

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