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Linking Shape Data to a SINGLE cell in Excel

Started by music_al, April 29, 2008, 12:14:37 PM

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I have an excel spreadsheet with a column for of numeric values. On a different sheet, I have a single named cell that has the TOTAL of all these cells in it. I want to link that single cell to a shape data graphic and have it update automatically.

I can import the data but as it goes to refresh, it refreshes in the imported data window, but not in the shape itself.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong ?

Many thanks



Mmm I tried to reproduce you error...
It told me:  "The following shapes are linked to rows from the source that have been deleted"
A rough translation...

The link is broken (no more chain in the data window), is this the case with you?

Relinking the data updates the shape, which obviously isn't a fix...

.... There! i got it :D

When attaching your excel sheet, after selecting the 2nd sheet.
Try this, select the "Rows in my data have no unique identifier. Use the order of rows to keep track of changes"
Again I'm translating so it might be phrased differently, see the enclosed attachment...

Let us know if this helped...

- Lars-Erik

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