Smart text in visio, flexible text tagging in visio wireframes.

Started by petit_designer, August 25, 2008, 11:22:17 PM

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After continuous hours of reading your site, I decided to join your forum.
I am a newbie, so sorry if this question has been asked previously.

I am in desperate need to a mentor here who can tell me how to create a flexible text/tagging method in visio.

I am working on designing a whole content of a website. I always make my wireframe in adobe photoshop ended up just as a jpeg file that I insert into visio document. However when the stringing process come around, not everyone agrees to my strings/my dummy text version for that site so I ended up going back to each of my JPEG wireframe and edit it one by one according to the finalize version on the string table.

My question is: Will there be a time-savvy way to create a text insertion on top of my "plain image only JPEG" wireframe background so that each text written there will be also written on another page which is the string table page, so when I edit a text in that table it will be correspondent to the text in the wireframe page, hence I wouldn't have to make any text editing on each of the wireframe page, i can just edit a text on the string table (and work only from string table since my purpose is only to edit text).

What property will I need to edit or make in order to allow text editing in a page I am working on to also changes the text in its correspondence wireframe?

Any solution regarding this will definitely help me,

thank you,

Paul Herber

Put the actual text inside page custom properties, any shape can now refer to the custom properties instead.

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