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Visio shapes

Started by mxwebb, August 28, 2008, 01:48:06 PM

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Ok I am new and I don't use Visio every day.

Working on diagramming a IT Process.

Really have spent more time trying to find shape then working on the diagram its self.

I need a shape or container for a loop. I am documenting a stored procedure and Need to show a loop through a Cursor.


Also after I find the container how can I past other shape/Process inside this loop. So if I need move it all shapes inside move with container. Also would like this container to have a label.

Thanks all hope for a quick answer!


Paul Herber

What sort of process? Are you happy with plain old flowcharting or are you more interested in UML type diagramming?
With flowcharting there is no method for showing loops other than a decision box and a flow line back to the loop start (or similar constructs for while, repeat and for loop constructs).
UML is often done the same way but there is also the ALT syntax in inline expressions.

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