Arrow of the connect shape points in the opposite direction of the connection

Started by tmeistad, April 06, 2011, 07:17:18 AM

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Hi. I am building a state machine in Visio using the State shape and Center to Center 1 shape. I save the state machine in xml and use .Net to parse the XML and build the state machine for an automation tool. The Center to center 1 shapes are the transitions between the states and the arrow gives the direction of the transition. This works fine when I drag shapes from my stencil into the diagram. If I copy a Center to center 1 shape, I sometimes see the the arrow head points in the opposite direction than the Connect objects in the XML tells me.

32 is the transition, 5 the is the current state, and 2 the new state. This is what the drawing indicates, the arrow of the center to center 1 object points to the new state.
However the connect object tells me otherwise. Here the transition starts at 2 (new state) and goes to 5 (current state).

<Connect FromSheet='32' FromCell='BeginX' FromPart='9' ToSheet='2' ToCell='Connections.X1' ToPart='100'/>
<Connect FromSheet='32' FromCell='EndX' FromPart='2 ToSheet='5' ToCell='Connections.X3' ToPart='102'/>
<Connect FromSheet='32' FromCell='Controls.Row_1' FromPart='100' ToSheet='5' ToCell='Connections.X3' ToPart='102'/>
<Connect FromSheet='32' FromCell='Controls.Row_2' FromPart='101' ToSheet='2' ToCell='Connections.X1' ToPart='100'/>

What is wrong? Is it not enough to read the ToSheet property to find the direction of Center to center 1 shape?

What I really need to know is to what shape the arrow head points. If I can find that information elsewhere, then I don't need to inspect the ToSheet property.

The idea of using Visio to draw and create the state machine framework is brilliant, but this propblem is a showstopper. Please help.

trond meistad