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Started by pepto gecko, August 22, 2008, 05:28:00 PM

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pepto gecko

I need to modify the standard group box shape to include a checkbox to the left of the group box title text. I can modify the master but when I do the text becomes un-editable. I'd appreciate any help.

Update: I can now modify the text but need to fix the placement of the checkbox when re-sizing the group box. I presume this would be handled by the shape sheet but since I've combined two objects I'm not sure how to accomplish this. Again, any help would be appreciated.



Paul Herber

Have you put the checkbox just in front of the E of "Enter Text". The checbox has its own text and now this text will be in front of the group box's text.
If the checkbox needs no text then edit out all the text and then reduce the size of the text area by dragging the right-hand green blob.
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pepto gecko

Thanks, Paul. I found out that I needed to select the group box twice. The first time it selected the combined shape (group box + checkbox) and wanted to label that shape. On the second selection, it allowed me to edit the text for the group box. That resolved the text issue. Sadly, my checkbox moves when editing the size of the group box. I hate to impose, but If you've any suggestions how to fix that issue, I'm all ears :)