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Shape snap (computer rack)

Started by jdtools, August 26, 2008, 12:46:14 AM

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I'm working on a server rack and shapes.  I want my server shapes to snap on Connection Point automatically like VisioCafe shape do.  I tried different techniques but none work like they do.  Any idea?


Basically, you have to change the shape's behavior from 2-D to 1-D.  Right click the shape >Format>Behavior and select Line under Interaction style. 

You may want to check out this basic shape tutorial:

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But sometimes I want the snap to occur from the bottom of the shape and not at the middle like it occurs when I turn on 1D.


Right click the object and open the shapesheet.  You should see a Shape Transform section.  If not, you can make it available by right clicking anywhere and then either go to view section or insert section and choose Shape Transform.  In the shape transform section, change the LocPinY entry to zero ( 0 ).  That moves the pins to the bottom.
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If you want your shape to extend beyond the connection points you can use the following technique:
1.)  Draw a line that spans the distance of the two connectors, e.g., 19"
1b.)  I don't remember if you need to add connection points at each end of the line.
2.)  Go to menu bar>shapes>grouping>convert to group.
3.)  Place your shape, and then align it the line, centered horizontally, bottom edge on the line.
4.)  Select the line, and then your shape, go to menu bar>shapes>grouping>add to group
5.)  Identify the group, open the shape sheet, and change the LocPinY to 0.
6.)  Identify your shape, format>protection>lock aspect ratio
7.)  Size your shape as desired, but keep the alignment

That should do it.
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I should make a couple of empty template-shapes for this sort of thing...
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Got it right like describe above after my last post yesterday.  Somehow different than what Visiocafe is doing but it works.

Thanks everyone!

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