Refreshing data for multiple shapes at once

Started by ryanp, October 01, 2010, 01:02:50 PM

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I have a flowchart with about 50 shapes and most are linked via ODBC to an Excel spreadsheet (for custom properties and shape caption).  I've made (and will make) multiple updates to the Excel file, after which I can quickly update a shape by right-clicking and choosing "Refresh Shape Properties."  What I've found though is that if I select multiple shapes, it lets me choose that option, but then it doesn't actually do anything (the properties don't get updated based on the Excel data changes).  Is there an easy way (or even a not-so-easy way--I don't mind writing VBA if I have to) to refresh all the shapes at once?  I hate to have to right-click on 45 shapes everytime the data changes.  Thanks for any help!