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Started by Mike/Mass, April 11, 2024, 04:04:02 PM

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So I've kinda figured out how to create a new template and it shows up in the template list, but is there a way to make the templates permanent? For instance, I'm using the Floor Plan function and I created a template for a King-Sized bed as opposed to the standard one. I can save it to the template for that specific drawing of a floor plan, but when I switch to or create a different floor plan that group of new templates doesn't show up. How do I save the new Floor Plan template as a default for the Floor Plan mode? TIA-Mike


You're mixing terms and so it's confusing what you want to do.
  > 1st, all "objects" are shapes.  They may be 1D shapes (lines, connectors), or 2D shapes (squares, smart shapes, masters, etc.)
  > shapes may exist on drawing pages or stencil files.  A stencil file is merely a collection of assorted shapes.
  > a template is a special document (drawing) file.  It has specific features already defined:  scale, page size, type of drawing (org chart, cubical, flow chart, etc.), even stencils typically used.
  > Viso has defined locations for stencils and templates.  But, custom locations can be assigned too.

In your case, if you're creating some custom shapes that will be commonly used, then save them to a stencil.  The stencil may be called and be available for any drawing.  To always be available, then perhaps save the drawing, with the stencil loaded, as a template.  Then, use the template to begin any new drawing.
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Thanks for that info! Sorry about the terminology LOL. Once I create that new stencil it has a name "Stencil16" and I'm wondering if I can change the name?

I do have another question related to the Floor Plan Mode... when I create a room by dragging in a space and editing it to whatever shape it is, the default name on the space is "Office" and I'm wondering if there's a way to edit the size of the font used and whether or not you can reposition the space name.


1)  Use Window's File Explorer, navigate to the desired vssx (or vss) file and do file rename.
2)  Use text tool to select "Office".  All text formatting options become available.
3)  Use normal selection tool.  Select shape.  There's a control point to drag the space name about.
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Still can't seem to save a new template so that it permanently stays in the main floor plan listing of templates. Bummer bc I really like that I can create a new "shape" that might be a bunch of shapes grouped and size them according to scale. I confess to being a Mac user, so I have a new little hot rod PC on my desk specifically for Visio and its part of my network so transferring or sharing files is pretty easy. I don't use Windows for much else so that probably hinders me a little. I guess saving a files as a Floor Plan template and always using it is one way to save all my custom shapes, I thought it might be nice to somehow add my custom stencil to the default stencil list for the Floor Plan list.


Seems like you're still using the terms incorrectly.  Makes it very difficult to understand what you're trying to do.

A template has specific meaning in Visio-land.  Generally, you encounter a template when you 1st launch Visio and start a new drawing.  Visio provides a list of templates, e.g., Basic Diagram, Blank Drawing, Floor Plan.  These open Visio with predefined settings commonly used for that particular drawing mode.  These built-in configurations cannot be changed.  But you can create and save custom configurations that would be included in the listing.

One of the features of a template is the inclusion of stencils for that drawing mode.  Could be 1 or more stencils.  Each stencil contains a collection of shapes.  The stencils provide a convenient organization and access to shapes.  The  Visio built-in stencils are not editable, but custom stencils may be created and saved.  Your custom stencil can contain both newly created shapes, e.g. king sized bed, and  any desired (useful) Visio shapes too.  Save the stencil, e.g., Joes Shapes.  Custom stencils may, subsequently, be re-edited to add / remove shapes.

If you have a custom stencil that you want to be available each time you do a particular drawing style, then you need to create a custom template that includes this custom stencil along with any other useful Visio stencils.  Also, usually, there's just a blank, single drawing page, with all the scaling, orientation, size set as desired.  Once you're happy with the configuration, save this file as a template, e.g., Joes Mystical Floor Planning, or something more appropriate.  The template opens up with these stencils available by default.

Now, when you start a new Visio drawing, your template should be listed, select, and everything should be configured as you desired.  When finished working on this new drawing, SaveAs with desired file name...Joes Ultimate Mansion.

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