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Started by FpgaEd, October 17, 2023, 09:05:38 PM

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Hi fellow Visio lovers,

We are big users of Visio for documenting our processes. Over the past several months we've been exploring how to incorporate vsd drawings into our internal HTML5 knowledge base. As such, we've been saving the files as "Web Page" output. We've added hyperlinks to most shapes to allow for navigation, directly from the drawings to other drawings and other places throughout the site.

What we haven't been able to get working is mouseover functionality on the output htm. (Rather than click to render a page with detailed information, we'd like it to appear by simply hovering over the block of interest.)

I've searched the web and within but haven't found anything that works. I've tried adding ScreenTips and I've tried adding visEquivTitle to User-defined Cells. While we do get some results on the drawing while in Visio, nothing appears on the web output. Of course, it's possible I'm doing something wrong too.

Note: We are, I somewhat embarrassed to say, currently running several seats of 2010 professional.

Has anyone done this and met with success? I'd *really* like to keep all the webpage drawing content within the Visio vsd file.




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There is direct support for hosting options as plain HTML (just HTML file on your website or shared drive), GitHub pages, SharePoint.
What knowledge base system do you use?

To have just the tooltips (from the "Comment" in Visio), turn off everything in the add-in's options and enable just the "tooltips" box.