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Started by Tommy6785, March 17, 2023, 03:07:34 AM

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I am having some issues with links when creating a timeline that maps out activities.  The timeline has the months of the year and then I have milestones associated to the respective month.  I have stacked boxes that organizes the type of milestones.  The issue is each milestone has a link and the milestone lines run through other milestones.  If you dont click on the exact right spot, it will take you to a link not associsted with that milestone.  It seems like the milestone lines are an extension of the activity and also clickable.  How can I avoid/remove this from happening.  I only want the text to be clickable and thats it.  There are also no visible timeline lines as they do not show, but still clickable.  Please help!

Sorry, I am fairly new to Visio and not the most tech savy.  Thank you!