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unsearchable pdf with 90% scaling text

Started by bishtamitdip, October 18, 2022, 09:42:02 AM

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My friend created stencil with arial font, 10 pt. In some symbol and labels he used 90 % scaling for text because of that the text is not searchable in pdf when we create pdf through both methods like print to pdf and export. I am using microsoft visio 2016 version. Is there any way to make them searchable without changing the scale of text. If we change the scaling for labels and symbols then we have to change the scaling in 100 documents wherever the symbol and label is used which will be a time consuming for us or Is there any other method through which we can change the scaling of master stencil and the symbol that has been used in multiple drawings in a single go. thanks in advance!!


I was able to confirm this issue.  I tried mul;tiple font sizes with 100% scaling, and all searched correctly in PDF.  Then, I scaled each at 90%, and all failed the search.

The best work-around that I can thinki of is instead of using the scaling, keep that at 100%, and change the font size appropriately.
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I understand the problem but my question is that the 90% scaling stencil is used in multiple drawings and I want to know that is there any way I can change the scaling in all drawings through automation without opening a single file? I want to clarify one more point that for all the shape that has been used in diagram we created master stencil from that everything has been dropped in diagram and some shape consists text whereas some shape consist text along with some geometrical pattern? If we change master stencil is there any way that the changes will reflect in diagram also where the symbol has been used?


Can you make changes without opening each Visio file...No.  I'm not aware of any method to do that.

Change the stencil Master...well, yes and no.
Obviously, if you change the stencil master, any new drag n drop will use the updated master, but not so with previously dropped instances.  However, there is a way to correct already dropped shapes.  When a shape from a stencil is dropped onto a drawing page, Visio makes a copy of that master in the Document stencil.  This becomes the master for the current file.  Changing this master will flush thru all shapes within the document that point to this master.  If some alteration in a drawing shape occurs, then, if necessary, Visio creates an updated master and appends a numerical value to distinguish it from the original.  Thus, some drawing shapes may point to the amended master rather than original.  So, beware both the original and amended masters in the doc.stencil may need updating.

Summarizing, the stencil master shape needs editing for future drag n drops.  The Doc.stencil masters need editing for previously placed shapes.

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Thanks a lot for your response!! I think I have to change for all drawing or I am thinking of selecting all elements and changing the text scaling to 100% and decreasing the font size so that the text will fit properly. For Master Stencil I can update through VBA through MasterID.

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