building MINECRAFT "crafting" map with Visio (and SvgPublish)

Started by Nikolay, October 27, 2022, 10:36:06 AM

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Here is the result (btw, the map is already outdated, LOL)
(you could use CTRL+WHEEL to zoom, the diagram is configured for embedding)

Basically, a diagram that connects minecraft "items" in order that defines how to build them.
Search is also working (on the sidebar), in case somebody really would try to use this guide to build a beacon for example.

Just something to brag about ;D
Uses new feature of my publisher - content templates (you can now replace exported Visio shape content with whatever HTML you specify in the template)
Means, internals of the shape. The feature uses foreignObject in SVG.

More details with original diagram:



Again this is just incredibly cool what you have built Nikolay!

I think you and David Parker are part of a small group that is really helping Visio to progress and to show what is possible with Visio desktop!

I am waiting for TwinBASIC to stabilize and will release a surprise COM add-in (with ribbon) of my own. TwinBASIC add-ins because the work directly with COM are just superfast as far as I can see during testing.

No .NET interop and TwinBASIC is providing more and more detailed COM access as it develops.
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