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shortcut to reverse arrow

Started by awa123, September 28, 2022, 10:40:50 AM

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i am searching for a shortcut able to reversing the arrow direction (but not touching the shape)

thank you !

Paul Herber

I don't think there is any shortcut for such an operation. It's not a reversal operation, but a turning one arrow off and the other one on.
However, it should be possible to create a macro to do this on the current selected shape.
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Thomas Winkel

Attached is a custom shape that uses ShapeSheet formulas to create a shortcut in the context menu.
Alternatively you can use the property "ToggleArrow" which has the advantage that this applies to the whole selection (if you select many arrows).

Hope that helps.



thank you for your feedback

@Paul, i tried to put exactly the same formulas on my shape (line), when i click right i can see the function "Toggle Arrow" but when i click on it, nothing happens (cf attached). i double checked many time but understand the reason...
is it because you use a connector whereas i use a line ?

can you please help ?


In the Line Format Section of shapesheet, you're missing formulas for the Begin and EndArrow cells.  See Thomas' arrow's shapesheet.

No, line vs connecctor has no impact for this case.
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Awesome, it's working !

thanks a lot !

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