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seeking a clever way for a user viewing a diagram in a browser to make a choice

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hidden layer:
the visio-only-solution is not so difficult. see below.

Or did you want to color them after the user make a choice?


hidden layer:
like this?

***couldn't sleep last night***


hidden layer:
I forgot:

here's the logic behind.

Remark: I’ll update the stencil within a few weeks with some additionals. David Parker made some similar master shapes (U.S. version) – here are European-appearance ones with slightly different approach.

After modifying the drawing there may be some error message. Just do the action a 2nd time and it will work. I have no clue about what’s wrong. It happens with Plan2 only – in 2016 version it works fine.


@hidden layer
The keywords here probably are: in the browser and on iOS device

I have sort of demo for this:

Layer visibility toggle with stock UI (sidebar) is out of the box,
but making layer toggle by "clicking on your custom shape" would require some javascript.

Both of the above are sameples from:

hidden layer:

--- Quote from: scott on September 26, 2022, 05:09:29 PM ---My goal is to allow the diagram to be viewed in a browser or the iOS app. That part is easy.

--- End quote ---

sorry - I understood this the other way round.
As I have a similar "challenge" I adapted this like it is.

it was just fun for me ;)



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