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seeking a clever way for a user viewing a diagram in a browser to make a choice

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Supplementing what Nikolay points out,, the OP stated: 
--- Quote ---My goal is to allow the diagram to be viewed in a browser or the iOS app. That part is easy.

However, I also want the user to be able to take an action in the browser that results in highlighting only those shapes that have a specific TRUE setting
--- End quote ---

The above would be the full statement.  Everything else given helps clarify, including the link provided.

hidden layer:
ok, ok,
I give up... (no... this was a joke)

I'm very interesting of How-To-Make-Things-Possible-In-A-Browser (instead of messing around with Visio at all). But I guess I'll never learn that java at all. The java code I've seen I cannot follow.

As I said - it was a sleepless night - so I did what I could do - just to solve the task I saw ;).
Some other will stumble across this and may have some inspiration like I stumbled across June-The-Second's 3D stuff. ... ... Astonishing!




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