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Change number from measurement to just a decimal number


How do you change a number that is a measurement in to a regular number.

How it comes out
Sheet.1!Width = 50.000 mm 

What is needed.
Sheet.1!Width = 50.000

Where you need watch these numbers:

* Size & position window
* Shape's field

hidden layer:
It looks like a shapesheet's cell (Width)
This is already a number - it just looks like no number but it is.

If you have a look at the field LocPinX you can see that there's already a formula in it which uses the value of Width (if you take a simple rectangle).

For other cells you can check if these are numbers (to calculate with):

1. insert  the section "user defined cells" or a new line in it
2. insert the formula: (the cell you want to calculate with) * 2
3. If the calculation is correct, it's easy
4. If not you have to separate the "numbers" (mid(...)) *1 in order to have NUMBERS.



--- Quote from: hidden layer on September 02, 2022, 03:22:16 AM ---4. If not you have to separate the "numbers" (mid(...)) *1 in order to have NUMBERS

--- End quote ---
  IMHO best way use formulas like

--- Quote ---=width/1 mm
--- End quote ---


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