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Custom Fill Pattern changing with Shape's Data fields

Started by jamason1182, August 22, 2022, 02:32:11 PM

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So far I can't find anyone else asking this question so here goes.

I have a custom fill pattern that represents the top-down view of ceiling grid. So I draw the room (walls, windows, etc) and then I put a rectangle in the middle of the room and add points until that rectangle follows the walls. I then select the custom fill pattern for the type of ceiling it will be - 2'x2' at 0degrees, or 2'x4' at 45 degrees, etc. The fill pattern is scaled so then I can plan the placement of lights, sprinklers, smoke detectors, speakers, etc.

Since Architect's hate builders and design things that are never at proper angles, I need to be able to specify the offset distance where the ceiling grid pattern will start as well as the angle the ceiling grid will run at. But I can't get the fill pattern shapesheet to see the "containing" shape's shape data.

For instance, if I have an odd shaped room and I get my rectangle as the shape, I define shape data fields called VerticalOffset and HorizontalOffset and CeilingAngle. But no matter what I do, the Prop.VerticalOffset (etc) are not visible to the fill pattern's shapesheet so can have the lines drawn adjust based on changing those data fields.

Is there a way using the shapesheet to do this? I'm open to using VBA, but then we are talking about events or CallThis type functions and I'm lost.


To be clear, my goal is to make one custom Fill pattern, and have the shapesheet of the fill pattern change based on the shape data from the shape that is using the fill pattern.

I've attached a quick idea of what I'm talking about (though I'm not sure the custom fill pattern will go through... literally it's just a 2'x4' rectangle that repeats). What I want to do is change the shape data for this funky shape (no group or anything, simple shape) and have the fill pattern use those Prop values to change the repeating lines on the fill pattern so that it offsets or changes angle. I know I'll have some math to do for the angles etc., but I need access to the Prop values first!



Hi Jamason,

please find enclosed a form that moves the pattern by dx and dy, respectively rotates it by angle d_alpha.
Interestingly I'm overseeing something, the move is applied only the first time.
May be you can help debugging it.

Option Explicit

Private Sub cmMove_Click()

    Dim shp As Shape
    Dim mst As Master
    Dim win As Window
    Dim patternName As String
    Dim formula As String
    Dim temp As Variant
    Dim grp As Shape
    If ActiveWindow.Selection.Count = 1 Then
        Set shp = ActiveWindow.Selection(1)
        MsgBox "Please select one shape"
        Exit Sub
    End If
    formula = shp.Cells("FillPattern").FormulaU
    temp = Split(formula, Chr(34))
    If UBound(temp) = 2 And temp(0) = "USE(" Then
        patternName = temp(1)
        MsgBox "The formula in the FillPattern field has not the right form"
        Exit Sub
    End If
    Set mst = ActiveDocument.Masters.Item(patternName)
    Set win = mst.Open.OpenDrawWindow
    Set grp = win.Selection.Group
    If tdx.Value <> "" Then
        grp.Cells("PinX").formula = grp.Cells("PinX").ResultIU & " +" & tdx
    End If
    If tdy.Value <> "" Then
        grp.Cells("PinY").formula = grp.Cells("PinX").ResultIU & " +" & tdy
    End If
    If talpha.Value <> "" Then
        grp.Cells("angle").formula = talpha.Value
    End If

End Sub


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