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Your weirdest smartshapes

Started by Yacine, August 22, 2022, 11:33:34 AM

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I have lately worked again on my sensor smartshape for P&IDs and thought that I may have "a very little" (actually a lot) exaggerated its automation.
This shape is a monster covering (almost) every aspect and possibility of a sensor and the way you would store and gather data from it.
It is so big, that after just a few weeks I will have forgotten its implementation details and it would cost me some time to "re-discover" it.
Whilst being stable by itself and not requiring any maintenance work, it is not documented by any ways.
If I leave the company no one would be able to modify or adjust it.
On one side I'm saving my company a lot of money by automating the drawing process, on the other hand the process in insecure.

I wonder how you guys handle these aspects of the work of a "visioneer" and what are the craziest smartshapes you've ever done.


... and here is the sensor for your entertainment.


My 2 cents...
Quote from: Yacine on August 22, 2022, 11:33:34 AMI wonder how you guys handle these aspects of the work of a "visioneer" and what are the craziest smartshapes you've ever done.
My craziest smartshapes you can find in my pet-project stencils SPDS
Video about it (you can watch it with English sub-titles).
This stencil has been in the public domain since October 2009. The download links for the stencil have been published on various resources, and have been downloaded more than 100,000 times.
Because of the insane complexity of the stencil, only a few percent of downloaded users use it. Several full-fledged counterparts have grown out of it.
Many users try to adapt the stencil to their own, but not only everyone can do it. That's why the stencil is used by a small fraction of the users who downloaded it.
Quote from: Yacine on August 22, 2022, 11:33:34 AMOn one side I'm saving my company a lot of money by automating the drawing process, on the other hand the process in insecure.
For my work I have not made a universal figure for all times. Several times I managed to create solutions that allowed my company to produce a very large number of documents of high quality and within tight deadlines.
One example is described in this blog post.
But these were specific tasks within a particular project that were not repeated. of course, they helped me to improve my knowledge and enrich my experience :)

At the moment in my company, visio is very rarely used. So my knowledge is not in demand, I am slowly losing my knowledge. If it were not for my pet-project and participation in several forums I would have lost my qualifications long ago


Had a look at your links. It is weird indeed. And I understand when you say it is too complicated.
That makes me think of those wizard tools where you are guided by means of dialogues step by step through a configuration (or installation) process.
Been dreaming a long time about setting one up.
Kind of a database, where you would for each question / decision have a bunch of options.
Each option having obviously a description, but also fields for calling routines by their names and jump marks to following questions.

All in all your work is impressive.


Quote from: Yacine on August 23, 2022, 08:58:55 AMAll in all your work is impressive.
Really, not  :)
I have rather uncomplicated tasks, and they are all unrelated...
Quote from: Surrogate on September 11, 2020, 07:23:00 AMBut i rarely use automation with connectors, in Russian forum our member share own repository
With great automation like this
Another gif with great automation, there is really cool !

hidden layer

When I developed my "smart" shapes (the idea came across by accident) I prepared tables in Excel.
Not to forget some line in shapesheets.

After all was working (it's not perfect but it works) I started to make pictures with all shapesheets (one with formula, one with content) and lots of commentaries (to be able to remember this if some change is needed or some additional functionality or shape is necessary).
The same for vba content (even if it seems to be self-explaining).

So I hope that the information is not lost.

@Surrogate: this looks like E³-series in Visio, isn't it? Very nice!



Yeah.  Visio seems like "use it or lose it". I look back at things done some years ago, and think, Really??? How did I do that!?! 
Visio 2019 Pro


Quote from: hidden layer on August 23, 2022, 11:07:20 AMthis looks like E³-series in Visio, isn't it?
yes it does, but it's free and open source

hidden layer

Quote from: gtfox on August 23, 2022, 02:19:44 PM
yes it does

nah, it's not only nice - it's amazing!
I'll look into it to check if I can update my tool. Thanks!

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