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Unexpected behavior splitting a connector
« on: May 29, 2009, 07:06:30 PM »
I have tested the following in Visio 2003 and 2007 and the behavior is incorrect.

When you try to split a connector shape that has a custom property defined with a shape that has a custom property with "Ask on drop" Visio prompts for the values of the shape.  If you remove the custom attribute from the connector then you are not prompted.

Also, if you set the connector custom property to "Ask on Drop" you still get prompted for the shape that is splitting the connector not for the connector property.

To recreate do the following:
Start a new flowchart drawing.
Add a Process shape to the drawing.
Select Custom Properties, Define and check the "Ask on drop" for the Cost Property.
Duplicate the Process Shape 2 times to give you a total of 3 Process shapes on the drawing.
Connect 2 of the shapes with a connector.
Add a custom attribute to the connector shape.
Now take the third Process shape and split the connector. 
Visio now prompts for the Cost Property of the Process box.

My expected behavior is that there would be no prompting at all since this is not a new instance of the Process shape.

A slight twist on the bug is to check the “Ask on drop” for the connector shape.  You would expect that since the line is being split that it would prompt for the connector property of the new connector created by the split.  However, you get the same thing as before; Visio prompts you for a Cost value for the existing Process shape.

I believe this is truely a bug and would appreciate it if anyone has thoughts on a way to work around this.