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Embed Visio diagram in modern SharePoint pages

Started by Nikolay, January 04, 2021, 11:07:55 AM

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My wrapper SPFx web part for embedding Visio diagram in modern SharePoint page has been just accepted for the Microsoft SharePoint Store (it's free and open source).
The app has been validated by Microsoft SPFx validation team and now available in the app catalog:

Diagram Frame WebPart

The WebPart embeds Visio diagram in a modern SharePoint page with richer display options (default zoom, page, etc) thant the default "File Viewer".
It is somewhat similar to the "Visio Web Access" web part in the "classic" SharePoint.
In addition to the stock "File Viewer" web part which you could use to display Visio diagram, this one features the following:

- File Browser
File browser, specific to Visio diagrams

- Start Page
You can specify which page to show first. You can specify either page name (like "My Second Page"), This only works if the diagram has more than one page. In case the page you selected does not exist, it will default to the first page.

- Select default zoom level
You can set the default zoom level for the diagram.

- Full width and application page mode support
You can add the web part as an application page.

- Support for custom width/height setting

- Support disabling menu items

For more information, please check the web part site:


You can install it directly from the App Store (just use New=> App => SharePoint Store), or you can download a package from GitHub and install it manually.

How to add an app from SharePoint Store:

Download this release:


Full source code:

If you have any ideas or found a bug, feel free to file an issue on GitHub

Feedback is highly appreciated! :)

Paul Herber

I have no knowledge of Sharepoint, nor do I have access to it, so I can't try it out, but well done that man!
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Great work Sharepoint modern pages are improving all the time, so a better Visio web part is great news!
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I've got 1 star review for this web part :'(
People just can't install it.

So, I was motivated to write two articles how one can try it out  ;D

How make a new SharePoint Online tenant for yourself for free and install that Diagram Frame web part on that tenant, or basically any other web part (for one month or one year). Be your own admin:

How to install that thing in year 2022 on existing tenant (the experience has changed, they simplified it a lot, fortunately)

Also, it seems to crash on Gemran SharePoint :|


Great work Nikolay your web part should get a much better rating (4 to 5 stars) for sure!
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Same as Paul and probably most of the members: no sharepoint to test your tool. Sorry.


Ditto Paul, Yacine for me.  Sounds interesting, though.
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