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Stencil sizes

Started by Ian McGuinness, February 15, 2024, 11:27:52 PM

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Ian McGuinness

This will probably be a simple question but I haven't found a reason via Google.  also, I'm relatively new to Visio so sorry if it is.
I am trying to make some rack diagrams and have found that all 3rd party stencils aren't fitting the default Visio rack stencil.
i.e. I add the rack from "Rack-mounted Equipment" and extend to 45RU.  I can then add standard switches, patch panels or shelves and they are all the same size and lock in.

If I need a specific stencil like a UPS or server and I download it from their site when I use the stencil it is very wide.  It will still try to snap in to the rack on one side but is just to big.
If I download a stencil for a rack from someone like Commscope or one of the many others the downloaded rack is also big and the downloaded servers/ups fit it perfectly but that then means I can use the default stencils as they are now too small.

I am using the current version of Visio 365 (local install)

Attached is a screen grab showing a standard stencil rack with standard items up top and downloaded switches and servers below (each are "snapped" into an RU position).


> Regarding the oversized shapes, what size are they advertised to be? 
> When you select one of those shapes, what size does Visio say that they are?
> Have you set a scale factor for the drawing page? 

Visio 2019 Pro

Ian McGuinness

I haven't made any adjustments.  just opened Visio, new blank page, metric.
Drawing scale is set to no scale (1:1)
Size of a 1RU patch panel (big one) is attached below.  I have also attached one of Microsoft's 1RU Switches (Small one)


You need to set page scale.  The default of 1:1 with no dimensions is a problem, especially when utilizing 3rd part shapes.  Set the scale such that the rack will easily fit on a drawing page.  For non-metric example,  paper page is 11" tall, rack is 48" tall, set scale for 1" = 5" or more.
Visio 2019 Pro

Ian McGuinness

That did it.
I never knew that was an issue.  thanks a lot


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