Creating dashboard for use with an Org Chart

Started by ogh, July 17, 2022, 10:46:03 AM

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I created organization chart in the first page in visio program. The second page I want to create dashboard with text search box and button that shows me to which department, administration and sector the entered data belong to when I press the button. :-\  unfortunately I did not find anything can help me in the internet.


some thoughts:  (pretty big project if you need a page 2 involved)

1)  obviously you could use EXCEll for page 2.   I have not done a drawing that relied on excell,  I assume some sort of
     connector needed so that current values are available for page 2.   others can comment on this.

2)  (note, I have NEVER used visio for org chart so may be off base)....but you could look at this in reverse and define
     page 2 as the source  and define some sort of visio table or visio blocks.  use user cells to define
     data (user.dept = "Procurement").  this table or blocks can have more data than page 1 needs.
     on page 1, for a given block use the values page 2 by inserting their values in page 1
     (page1!user. showdept = page2!sheet<block of interest>!.user.dept ....this keep the pages in sync...may even want
     to use props cells in page 2 to leverage the props UI  and doubleclik event of the block to show the editable fields
     docmd(1312)...lots learning for this appoach!!!!

3) could do this in VBA though I think this might be a big project.  VBA would allow you to search either page 1 or page 2
    (forward sync or reverse sync).   BTW, I assume this is a huge org chart, otherwise put the data in page 1 and be done with
    it.  lots of learning.

I am most familiar with 2....done this alot in my drawings....good luck


With Vojo's 2 cents and mine, you have 4 cents now.

1. Visio is great for creating graphics, but it not the best for distribution as interactive document. People usually use web technologies for this kind of stuff.
2. We can assist you in creating a visio solution, but would need to know much more about your scenario.
-  Where do the data come from? Excel, Sharepoint? and how?
- How big are the dataset that you need to do switches
- How do you draw the graphics?
- What shall the switches do? What is to be modified?