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Macro deployment security changed yet again!

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Paul Herber:

I love the 'without telling anyone' part!

Microsoft Defender could do deep scanning of VBA code to find issues for sure, why doesn't Microsoft use this instead? (or if they do, promote it more clearly).

Scanning VBA for security issues is trivial for the current generation of security software compared to some other security challenges out there.

Yuck.  As I read along, it seems MS is already rolling this back.

It would seem MS hasn't followed the security trail to it's headpoint.  The simplist, absolutely guaranteed to work solution involving Office products is, just eliminate the products.  Surprised that such a simple, direct approach hasn't been implemented, rather than the highly complex, minimally effective solutions that keep reducing useability of the Office suite.  Guess they're headed that way, but refuse to admit it.  As long as the user has creative control/development / design automation access, there'll always be ability for abuse.


--- Quote from: wapperdude on July 08, 2022, 11:08:01 AM ---Yuck.  As I read along, it seems MS is already rolling this back
--- End quote ---
In other words, it's time to learn Python if you need anything from the list "creative control/development / design automation access" ?

I'm biased. Can't give a thumbs up. ;)


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