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white connector with black outline

Started by CookieEater200, June 10, 2022, 07:03:54 PM

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Hello :D
Is there a way to make a thick connector that is white on the inside with a black outline? I like to put it on a white background page.



Too vague connector connector description..  Can you be more specific...upload sample???

Background page...are you meaning placed on a page that has white background or literally a Visio background page?

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Hello wrapperdude,

I need to draw a white wire for a wiring diagram. The background is the default white. If I color a line or connector white with the default white background, it is invisible. I would have to select another color like pale gray, or find a way to outline the white.

I took an image editor program and colored an outline to make the desired effect.  See the attachment.


Paul Herber

Select the line, then on the Shape Styles select the little arrow in the bottom corner to get the Format Shape options. Set the Compound Type to Double.
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