How milestone descriptions be evenly spaced along a timeline?

Started by KimHoJo, May 22, 2022, 08:09:25 PM

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Brand new user here; I'm hoping there is a simple solution to my question.

I'm trying to create a timeline similar to the one attached.  I'd like to keep all the milestone descriptions above the timeline in an evenly spaced row.  When I try to move the text horizontally, I run into one of two problems:  1) the entire milestone moves and changes the date, or 2) the text pops up higher or lower than the other milestone text.  Is there an obvious solution I'm missing?

Paul Herber

When you select each Milestone you will see a yellow control handle. Use this to move the text.
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Thanks for the reply, Paul.  The yellow control handle doesn't seem to work consistently for me.  I was able to move 4 of the 5 Milestones to where I wanted them, but one stubbornly refuses to align.  It positions quite easily and precisely if I drag the yellow control handle along the length of the Milestone, which will give me either the perfect horizontal *or* vertical position but not both. 

If I pull the yellow control handle down vertically, it pops right back up to where it was.  If I pull the yellow control handle horizontally, it will stay in the correct horizontal position but at a vertical position parallel to the existing Milestone line.  Pictures below; I'm stumped.


Found the answer.  Click on the Milestone to select it (yellow control handles will appear).  Right-click the Milestone then click Position > Manual Caption Position.

I had Automatic Caption Position selected, which led to the annoying behavior described above.