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Change text based on another shape's value

Started by Crazy Squirrel, May 16, 2022, 12:02:30 PM

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Crazy Squirrel

I would like to input a value into a shape and have the adjacent shape fill in text based on the value.

e.g. If the number entered is between 1-10 then Monday is entered. If it's 11-20, Tuesday etc.



still not clear what you are trying to do

if shape A is a number
and shape B says day if the week,

group the shapes
in shape A
- use props.cell fields input a number
- user.cell to push to neighbor.......setf(getref(<shapeB>),<shape B>!user.inbound = <shape A>!props.cell)
in shape B = if (user.inbound<11,"monday",if(user.bound <21, "tuesday",if (usr.inbound < 31, "wednesday", <etc>)))))))
go to shape show field and select

or something like this

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