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Sharepoint not showing all pages from Visio Diagram

Started by jandersr, April 15, 2022, 03:42:51 PM

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Sharepoint O365, Visio Pro 2019.. My Visio document has about 8 pages but when I display it in Sharepoint file viewer webpart, only first page and background display. Very controlled Sharepoint environment where I have no access to the servers or administration. I feel it is some sort of setting in Visio but not sure.

Paul Herber

Assuming you can load more documents ... can you create a simple generic Visio document with just 2 pages, one simple shape on each page, no backgrounds. See if that works. Then try 3 pages, then 4 etc ...
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so Yeah. A new Visio Doc will show all pages. But if I add a new page to existing diagram it will NOT show.

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